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Programs: Share the Music

Musical instruments are often expensive. Many Foster families are on fixed budgets. Let’s not let that be a barrier for foster children to learn to make music! Caring About Kids, Inc. collects working musical instruments and makes them available for foster children. It is an exciting opportunity to give new life to an instrument while supporting a budding musician.

You can donate your musical instrument to a deserving child by contacting Caring About Kids, Inc. We will arrange to collect it. We will have your instrument cleaned and repaired and make it available for a foster child.  In return you will receive a tax deduction receipt for the value of your gift.

Contact us to donate your instrument at:

Email: contact@caringaboutkidsinc.org


Note: Email is temporarily unavailable. Please call.

Phone: (517) 927-9219

Our inventory inludes the following types of instruments:
♦ Accordion   ♦ Acoustic Guitar   ♦ Alto Saxophone   ♦ Baritone   ♦ Bell Kit (Percussion)   ♦ Violin Bow   ♦ Basoon   ♦ Cello   ♦ Clarinet   ♦ Cornet   ♦ Drum   ♦ French Horn   ♦ Flute   ♦ Keyboard   ♦ Oboe   ♦ Trombone   ♦ Trumpet   ♦ Tenor Sax   ♦ Viola   ♦ Violin  
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