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Share the Music is a program sponsored by Caring About Kids, Inc.  You can contribute by donating a musical instrument, so that a foster child can become part of a music program. Share the Music!  Donate your used musical instrument to a deserving child. You will get the satisfaction of knowing your gift is helping a special young person develop a lifelong talent.

That old flute, saxophone, or violin that is collecting dust in your attic could be placed in the hands of a young person who otherwise might never know the joy of making music.

You can donate your musical instrument to a deserving child by contacting Caring About Kids, Inc. We will arrange to collect it. We will have your instrument cleaned and repaired and make it available for a foster child.  In return you will receive a tax deduction receipt for the value of your gift Questions, or to donate your instrument: Call (517) 927-9219 or click here to send an email.

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Caring About Kids, Inc., provides special events for foster children and their families so that foster children can have good memories to share and remember. Events are often planned in the spring to herald the Month of the Foster child in May. Past events included a trip to a science center, a day at the Potter Park Zoo and a day of bowling at a local bowling facility.   

In the summer, a day at the East Lansing Water Park is scheduled to provide summer fun for foster families in Ingham County. In December of each year, all Ingham County foster families and children are invited to attend a Holiday Party where dinner, cookie decorating and gifts are provided for each child in foster care.  This event is sponsored by Caring About Kids, Inc., with assistance from the staff at Ingham County DHHS, a local restaurant owner and private donations of gifts. If you would like to sponsor one of our Foster family fun events, please call (517) 927-9219 or click here to send an email.

Note: Email is temporarily unavailable. Please call. 


Each year the Junior League of Lansing participates in the “Shop ‘til you Drop” program funded by Caring About Kids., Inc.  In the fall of each year, Junior League members come together with lists compiled by DHHS to shop for Christmas gifts for all children in foster care.  Each child receives one gift that he or she “asked” for from the list. 

In 2016, gifts for 255 families were delivered to the offices of DHHS to be wrapped and distributed by the caseworkers to the foster children of Ingham County.  It is through partnerships such as this one that allows Caring About Kids to meet its mission each year – something special for a foster child in Ingham County.


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